On the Set with BlueHost

On Thursday August 7th, Andrew and Ashley had the opportunity to work on the set of a YouTube commercial being produced for and by BlueHost, a large web hosting company based in Utah. Andrew was hired by the company to do their DIT work, which is new to the film industry. Andrew is one of few who are trained in this important position. Ashley was hired for craft services.

The location, which was secured through the Utah Film Commision, was a new home in Salt Lake City Utah. It was beautiful, and provided the perfect setting for what BlueHost wanted. Directed by Janssen Weeks, and DP Micah Brown, both very professional and entertaining to work for. Production manager Dallin Van Blerkom ensured that the set ran smoothly and the talent was comfortable.

It was a wonderful opportunity for A. R. Townsend Productions to network and become familiar with the faces of the talented people of BlueHost.


Craft Table Pre-Lunch DIT Station 20140807_110816 20140807_104057 Sweet Mobi rig with Black Magic Ashley and Andrew BlueHost Mannequin Shoot Craft Services Truck Indoor BlueHost Shoot

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