DSC – Halloween Haunted Experience “Lost in Space”

It is always a pleasure and a great opportunity to do work for the Discovery Simulations company, specifically with the Discovery Space Center. We had a fantastic time (and terrifying I might add) shooting some of their  Halloween footage that they’ll be playing in their Haunted House that will be running the last week in October. (Oct 24-Nov 1)


Lt. Richards


Dr O’Neil

The idea is wonderfully exciting, with each “haunted house” guest going on a space adventure! Prices are extremely affordable as well! Come see our work, and have a blast of a time with Discovery Space Center!


Strange things are afoot at the DSC

volkes ate warner

Can you escape?

The entirety of our work was done in the old church that now houses the DSC, as well as the Stonegate Reception Center. This gets even more frightening when it’s late at night, and it’s only you, your camera, and two actors. It will be a great production, and we hope to see you “Lost in Space”!

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