Janie – Adaptation of Jane Eyre

This weekend, Andrew and Ashley had the opportunity to work on a modern rendition of Jane Eyre. Andrew worked as the Director of Photography, and Ashley worked as the Set Photographer. The location was a beautiful house in Northeast Provo, and we had a fantastic time working with Kees Limburg, and Victoria De Angelis, the Gaffer and 1st Assistant Director, as well as the rest of the hard-working crew.

IMG_0057 IMG_0058 IMG_0069 IMG_0072 IMG_0082 IMG_0089

The downside to these photos, of course, is that Ashley is not pictured.

IMG_20151002_192702 IMG_20151002_211739 IMG_20151002_194200 IMG_20151002_194217

Next week we will be shooting an adapted scene from M*A*S*H, Andrew will be Directing, and Ashley will be Set Photographer again.

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