Principal Photography Completed

Over the last two weeks we have completed principal photography for the pilot episode of The Lower Decks. We’d like to thank everyone that has sacrificed their time – and in some cases money – to this project. Long hours in sometimes painfully hot locations lead to some tense moments, but all in all a great project has been recorded and friends have been made.

Without spoiling too much, we wanted to give credit to our amazing crew who worked the longest hours in the worst conditions with one of the toughest directors they’ve had to work with. So, seeing as you’re likely to see plenty of our top notch cast, today we honor those off screen with photos of our wonderful crew in action!

Cropped group

Adam, Ashley, Andrew, Thomas, Clarissa

Cropped above

Clarissa, Thomas, Andrew, Candice, Abbie, and Adam


Thomas and Andrew

Cand and Adam

Candice and Adam


Moriah, Candice, and Taylor

Copped Clarissa

Andrew, Adam, and Clarissa


Taylor and Thomas


Adam and Ashley


Candice, Ashley, and Andrew


Adam, Ashley, and Candice


Andrew and Adam


Ashley, Candice, and Abbie

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