The Lower Decks Wins 3rd in LDS Film Festival Web Series Category

We were honored to be featured in the LDS Film Festival last month, and are ecstatic to have won Audience Choice 3rd place in the Web Series category. A tremendous thank you to our phenomenal cast and crew, our sponsors, and other donors!

View The Lower Decks here.


Executive Producer Andrew Townsend
Associate Producers
Thomas Reyes-Cairo
Taylor Ehlert
aylor Ehlert
Director Andrew Townsend
Writers Andrew Townsend
Thomas Reyes-Cairo
Taylor Ehlert


James Conner Joseph Swain
S. Hawkins John Lane
Ava Sally Ryder Savannah Nicholes
Terrance Pitch Peter Christensen
Blaze Caldera Jared Cahoon
Malone Stephanie Irris Rose
Young James Conner James Crabtree
Young Ava Sally Ryder Gabby Gamble
Recruiting Officer Brian Christmas
Engineering Officer 1 Jessie Ford
Engineering Officer 2 Kiffen Schutz
Engineering Officer 3 Extra Nick Baker
ColCom Recruit 1 Extra Jessie Ford
ColCom Recruit 2 Extra Mary Christmas
ColCom Recruit 3 Extra Stephanie Irris Rose
ColCom Recruit 4 Extra Kristian Simpson
Extra 1 Drew Young
Extra 3 Lauren Gamble


Director of Photography Andrew Townsend
Production Designer Thomas Reyes-Cairo
Editor Adam Townsend
Music Composer Denver Lambson
First Assistant Director Taylor Ehlert
Gaffer Clarissa Walker
First Assistant Camera Adam Townsend
Second Assistant Camera Ashley Townsend
Script Supervisor/Continuity Thomas Reyes-Cairo
Sound Candice Townsend
Abbie Townsend
Wardrobe Moriah Ehlert
Jasmine Evans
Stephanie Irris Rose
Craft Services Ellen Townsend
Set Construction Bryce Ford
Brian Christmas
Makeup Artist Abbie Townsend
Production Assistant Moriah Ehlert


Rennaisance Academy
Lakeview Academy
Canyon Road Haunt
Isaac Ostler
Nathan King
Susan Gonzales
Nic Gonzales
Kathryn Spencer
Bryce Ford
Jessie Ford
Deborah Gamble

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