Andrew Townsend

Andrew studied video production and Digital Media Solutions at Utah Valley University, and worked on several production crews doing camera work, grip work, DIT, and directing. He has also written and directed several small web-ads for Discovery Space Center, SafeTech, The Utah Highway Safety Office, the LDS-BSA Relationships office, the Cottonwood Heights Police Department, Storm Automation, Swift Inspect, and eLearning Brothers. He is first and foremost a Cinematographer.

AndrewWCamera   PortraitSmile

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Swift Inspect


2018     –     Stormwater Swift Inspect Introductory Video

Cottonwood Heights Police Department


2018     –     Gaffer – Lip Sync Challenge

The Lower Decks: Welcome to the Junction

Group Wide Laurel

2017     –     Web Release
2018     –     LDS Film Festival – 3rd Place Audience Choice

eLearning Brothers


2016     –     “We Are eLB”
2016     –     New Product Advertising
2016     –     Cutout People Photo Shoots
2017     –     Company Consensus Videos
2018     –     eLBX Users Conference Advertising

Discovery Space Center


2014     –     Safety and Liability Video
2014     –     Haunted House Narrative Videos
2015     –     Streamlining Introductory Video
2015     –     Promotional STEM Video
2015     –     Promotional Web Video

“His ideas and script adaptations are awesome and have produced more than what I was looking for on every occasion.” – BJ

Close Encounters of a Personal Kind

For print

2014     –     Kanab “Hollywood Shootout” Film Festival

LDS-BSA Relationships

I'm an Eagle Scout - Eric Dowdle

2014     –     “I’m An Eagle Scout” Campaign
.                    Eric Dowdle
.                    Steven Snow
.                    Jake Hunsaker

“They have been very helpful through each step of the video production process from pre-production all the way through to a completed product.” -LDS-BSA Relationships


 DIT Station

2014     –     DIT – “5 Second Guy” ad campaign
2015     –     Grip – “The Mandate Press” ad

He ensures quality in a timely fashion by using his considerable skills in an extraordinarily efficient manor. ” -Dallin V.


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