Become a Sponsor for “The Lower Decks”

Project Outline:
In between the worlds of comedy and sci-fi will live a masterpiece known as “The Lower Decks”; a sitcom that plays off of the cliche’s of the sci-fi genre. Produced by Andrew Townsend, Thomas Reyes-Cairo, and Taylor Ehlert, this is sure to be something a little different! A sample of the pilot script can be found by clicking here. Shooting will begin this Summer for the pilot episode, and we need your donations to get this thing off the ground.

Here is our wire-frame intro.

Where Money Goes:
Your donations will go primarily towards paying for our spaceship set. After that, we’ll begin to cover other costs such as food for our cast and crew, equipment rental, and costumes.

What You Get:
$20         – Personal DVD of pilot episode
$50         – Personal DVD of pilot episode, “Special Thanks” in Credits
$100       – Personal DVD of pilot episode, “Special Thanks” in Credits, Premiere Party
$300+     – Personal DVD of pilot episode, “Special Thanks” in Credits, Premiere Party, Speaking Role in Pilot (or we’ll name a character after you)

How to Donate:
Please contact Andrew, Thomas, or Taylor directly. If you’d like to donate time or materials, please reach out to us as well.

Want More Info?
If you would like a progress report, or more details about the project, don’t hesitate to email and we’ll respond with any information you need. You can also read a one sheet about our production. For your information, below is an outline of our project map.

Production Chart.png