We first approached Andrew a couple years ago when we needed someone to fix a project that a company had done for us. Not only did he totally save that project, but he also took over all of our subsequent projects and did an amazing job with all of them. Whether we were working closely with him, or he was entirely developing the project on his own – he always exceeded our expectations.

Skyler Carr, Discovery Simulations

I worked with Andrew as the project manager of 3 different videos over the course of a year. He was wonderful to work with. He acted as a director, DP, script writer, and more. He was on top of tasks he was assigned, and he went above and beyond by doing extra aspects of the project without being asked. He was always willing to ask the hard questions and get rid of any potential problems that could arise. He is professional, efficient, and very talented. He knows what he’s doing.

Emily Smith

I worked with Andrew during the making of a documentary. Andrew took a simple concept and transformed it into a full-length feature that was meaningful and memorable. Throughout the process, I was thoroughly impressed with his technical skills (editing, lighting, sound production etc.) as well with his creative capabilities (directing, story-telling, communicating) and was thrilled with the quality of the final product. I would highly recommend him and hope I have an excuse to work with him again. He’s positive, focused, and incredibly talented.

Shelly Spencer

My company has worked with Andrew on several film projects and he has been fantastic on every one of them. From production, to design, to editing, to filming he was very involved every step of the way. One of Andrew’s best traits is he really does seek to be on the same page as you are, he really wants to understand they “why” behind the projects. It is really beautiful when you find people who want to have that type of synergy on projects as Andrew does

Brandon Wright, Discovery Simulations

I’ve worked with Andrew on several film projects in and out of school and I continue to do so  because his commitment to getting the job done is matched only by his attention to detail. When working together, I never have to worry about him holding up his end or hitting his deadline but I also know that the end result will never be simply thrown together for the sake of meeting the due date. He ensures quality in a timely fashion by using his considerable skills in an extraordinarily efficient manor. Perhaps my favorite thing about working with Andrew is that he is never unprepared for the job at hand. If he doesn’t already have the tool he needs (and he comes with a lot of tools), he figures out a way to get it in time for the project. For Andrew, the formula for success is reduced to equal parts passion, commitment and creativity.

Dallin V., BlueHost

Not only is Townsend a genius but he’s professional, easy to work with, and simply the best on the market. I can only say good things about working with this production team!

Casey Voeks, Discovery Simulations

Working with Andrew has been absolutely amazing. I had been through 3 or 4 different film makers before I was able to get the product I was looking for. Professional in the way he works and in his understanding of the way films should be made. His ideas and script adaptations are awesome and have produced more than what I was looking for on every occasion. I look forward to working on many more projects with Andrew in the future.

B.J., Discovery Simulations

A.R. Townsend Productions is a professional video production company that produces high quality videos at a reasonable price.  We have been very pleased with their responsiveness to our needs.  They have assisted us with the creation of several short promotional videos as well as the creation of our YouTube presence. They have been very helpful through each step of the video production process from pre-production all the way through to a completed product.  They are always prompt with their replies to our questions in an effort to keep our project moving forward in a timely manner.  I would strongly recommend their services if you are looking at creating videos for advertising or sharing your message in a creative way.

LDS-BSA Relationships

I have worked with A.R. Townsend Productions on several occasions over the past few years and I am very impressed with their knowledge and expertise. I have very much appreciated their professionalism and especially their love of the art of film. They sincerely have passion for this work and it shows in what they produce. I would recommend them all the way.