Stormwater Swift Inspect

A new company has been birthed here in Utah Valley! Swift Inspect is a company creating a software process and browser-based app to assist in Stormwater management on construction sites, and they reached out to Andrew to help them sell their product. The shoot was a blast! Working in a construction site has it's challenges … Continue reading Stormwater Swift Inspect

The Pizza Rap

As promised, The Pizza Rap is now live! This was a passion project of Adam's shot with the help of Andrew, Candice Townsend, and Peter Bates. This is a song that is sure to be stuck in your head for the rest of the day! Watch the AMAZING finished product HERE!

Casting Call

We need great actors for a super cool, super secret, and super awesome project. We are currently in pre-production for a scifi-comedy that will begin shooting this Summer in Utah County. This is an excellent opportunity for actors reel.